Welcome to ASA Custom Ride AB

ASA Custom Ride manufactures, sells and markets the unique ASA suspension system with exclusive rights 'Worldwide'. The ASA system is a Swedish patented invention.

ASA Custom Ride gives you a superb suspension comfort regardless of the ride height you choose. It requires no major modifications, and it is easy to restore the car to its original condition. ASA system can be recalibrated to be used on other vehicles. For best results, the original spring suspension should be replaced or weakened but beyond that no major fixes to your car is required.
Learn more about the unique technology at ASA Tech.

Benefits of ASA Custom Ride:

  • Easy to restore the car to its original condition
  • Easy installation
  • At normal ride height you get a better comfort than with the original system
  • Racing and industrial quality hydraulics and attenuators
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Money back if you are not satisfied with the system