Assuming that we have the right data on the car, we deliver a complete 2-circuit system with everything needed for installation as hydraulic hoses, couplings, right fixings for attenuators, terminal, cable, rockers, radio remote controls and gauges.

What is not included is the control panel for gauges and rockers, expendable materials like cables, clamps and screws etc.

We have systems in stock for Pontiac 65-66, Cadillac 58-61, Chevrolet 65-66. For other vehicles send us some information.

We have a stock of standard springs for different cars but if don't have data on the spring length, diameter and bearing capacity then we need for you to send a spring from the front and rear suspension, as well as data on spring length when the car is on its wheels. Cars with leaf springs just need to reduce the number of leaves to get the car on impact rubber. Cars with torsion springs just need to adjust the force of the spring via adjustment screws so the car goes down in the height you want.

Price for a full 2 circuitry system is 27 600 SEK + VAT.

Pricing for springs through us is around 450-950 SEK / each + VAT. We place only on an administrative fee of the springs to keep down the overall cost.