ASA Tech

The ASA suspension system is based on nitrogen gas in a closed container, the accumulator. The accumulator is loaded with a starting pressure to carry the load stationary.

When driving an amount of oil is conveyed to the membrane that separates the gas pressure. The amount of oil conveyed is the volume corresponding to the rod input in the oil reservoir / cylinder. The gas get compressed more and can now carry the extra force that driving your car causes. The additional forces may be quite large, perhaps 4 times as that of the static when the car sitting still, but beacuse the gas is contained in a sealed container, the pressure or supporting capacity, is also four times as large. The ASA system's progressivity stops the suspension to bottom out. The patented damping occurs with a 2 piece piston on the piston rod. The core part is a steel cone and a polymer cone that can move on the steel cone. When the piston rod moves inward and compresses the gas the cones run free from each other and does not hinder movement. The gas pressure is growing at the right pace to capture the full compression without bottoming out. When the piston rod goes outward the cones are ready to be activated, if the movement is too fast then the polymer cone creeps piston up on steel cone and grows in diameter, which means that oil is forced into an increasingly narrower gap between the piston and cylinder wall. The piston rod movement is rapidly braked to a more moderate speed. As soon as the correct speed is reached, which may take 1/10 sec, the rod will be running free without restrictions, and go back to 'standby mode'. Thanks to this, the system stiffens up only when needed, and otherwise gives you increased comfort and traction. The ASA system characteristics fit vehicles of all kinds. All vehicles, drivers and passengers, are supposed to be isolated from uneven surfaces. Since the gas pressure is always equal to the load force on the plunger, and you have the piston rod volume as the compression volume and have a "leaky" piston, you get the unique advantage of load and pressure are in balance even if you change the amount of oil in the system. When you change the amount of oil in the system, you can raise and lower the vehicle while maintaining suspension comfort. This property may be advantageously employed in Terrain vehicles and Custom cars as to increase or decrease ground clearance.